Dear Male Top Bun

Please stop being a fad and go away.

Quite the whirlwind today with the pictures of @colleenb123. Hello new followers! Thanks for the support. Truly. Hope you stay. Here’s another one I love. Go to for the full shoot ❤️✌️

It’s hard to grab a picture that captures siblings perfectly. But this one pretty much takes the cake. @colleenb123 and @missrballer are #amazing #makePortraits

Cat galaxy sweaters for the win. @colleenb123 kills it every time. #Meow #SpaceMeow

Early morning #reading with the new @hellomr

Obsessed with this picture my Dad sent of chanclas. It was take your child to work day. And since the sis and I are gone. Chanclas replaced us. #puppy

Meet Levi. Youtuber. Nightlife personsality. #PornStar Photography had made me meet so many different types of incredible people. Go check out his full blog post. #makePortraits

Capturing #smiles is my favorite thing #makePortraits

"You don’t post on tumblr much anymore. Why?"

Because of theft. 

I get people post work without credit all the time (assholes). It’s tumblr after all. 

But recently a lot of Tumblr users have been calling my work their own, or editing my work and posting it as their own as well. 

I’m tired of sending notices to take them down honestly. 

Obsessed with this shot of Anastasia getting some help with her veil #wedding

Came home to a kick ass party in the backyard. With a private chef Handing out stuff that is AMAZING. Happy birthday @doncrossland !! #VIP

#lobsterFest #SweatFest

And then you end up in Chinatown with a monkey on your face. Happy birthday @dellossier !!!