Jonathan and some shadow play #makePortraits

My photo assistant for the day

Behind the scenes from this mornings shoot with Jonathan in his beautiful new home.

I take a lot notes. From daily tasks to photography ideas, it usually all goes into a little notebook. I usually don’t go anywhere without one. While a moleskin has been my go to. I just found this prefect one from @poketo that’s become my new everyday

Happy birthday to one amazing person @girlgotgreatsmile #hawt

What a view for a wedding #LosAngeles

Wedding day #equality

Oh won’t you stay with me // cause you’re all I need #engagement

We loves sales from @mujiusa

I’ve noticed that Bubba gets jealous of the new addition to the house, little Menudo. So he will sit and guard my doorway, not letting any of the other pups enter when I’m in my room doing something. #PuppyGuard

I know its known as Saint Seiya to most. 

But for me it was Los Caballeros Del Zodiaco. 

And all episodes and movies are on youtube in spanish. Holy fuck my night is complete. 

I have to shoot a wedding tomorrow. I can’t be up all night! Fuck! 

@miles_jai killing it #makePortraits


what else is in the teaches of peaches?