Every now and then a border patrol car will drive up with Karma in the back smiling happy. A master escapee. #Puppy #GermanShepards #AreSmart

I think I’ll try #DefyingGravity

Lets talk about my obsession with my ride while I am at home. I told my dad he needs to keep this truck forever and pass it down to me. #Yellow

Chanclas is secretly sleeping with me tonight. Sorry mom! #Puppy

Haven’t played this #piano in years. It’s crazy how much muscle memory your fingers have after so many years of playing. I miss it. I think I’m going to start again. #pachelbel #CanonInD

Someone’s excited I’ve returned #puppyJumps

Till next time #tucson

#Family #cute “Cousin Gabe, I’m going to e a pirate!”

Sure. I guess I can drive this around today

#bride #MakePortraits

The monsoons have made Arizona look fake. But a good fake. Stunning backdrop. #wedding

Mom helping put on the dress is one of my favorite moments of the day.

Give them beers and the groomsmen are all in for any type of picture #wedding